When the beneficent God created the earth, the best part of this globe was nominated Iran and in the center of this fertile land, a city was formed called Esfahan which was, is and would be the place of skillful artists, devotee warriors, famous scientists and religious authorities. The pious people of this area had been the vanguard of those who accepted the religion of Islam. After Islam, a faithful man called “Salman Farsi” went to Medina and assisted the great prophet, Mohammad (peace be upon him). He devoted himself to promote Islam, and thereby he recorded the name of Esfahan in the history honorably. He proved that Esfahanians are intelligent, sagacious, pious and faithful to Islam.

Esfahan is called “Nesf-e-Jahan” (=the half of the world) and today, after centuries by virtue of its numerous artists, craftsmen and scientists activities, this land has gained a great reputation in the world.

In order to preserve and revive Iranian artists and craftsmen names and works, with an idea and attempts made by the publicity and commercial manager of the Javan Daily’s Supervision Office of the gold-bearing Esfahan Province, Mr. Jafar Koushesh, it has been managed to publish 4 collections during four recent years, under the titles of “The Eyes of Esfahan”, “The Young Eyes of Iran”, “The Selected Eyes of Seven Cities of Iran” and “The Luminous Stars of Iran’s Handicrafts and Visual Arts”. Undoubtedly, there had been many obstacles and difficulties in gathering information and pictures needed to be collected in these books from most of the country’s provinces, but we welcomed and accepted all these troubles to create several everlasting works. In this regard, the assistance of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization has been ever acknowledged, as its relevant authorities in Tehran and Esfahan have encouraged us to publish these memorable works to the extent that we achieved to encounter so many difficulties to perform such a voluntary cultural movement.

We have passed a route with deep interest and enthusiasm as its start and end points, and, in a world of agitation and mechanism, Iranian handicrafts and visual arts, in spite of many ups and downs during periods; have been considered as the most precious pure arts of this vast land

All Iranian artists from Esfahan, Tehran, Khorasan, Kerman, Zanjan, Azerbaijan, Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan, Hamedan, Ghazvin, Markazi (Central), Qum, Kurdistan, Semnan and many other provinces have represented their Islamic country’s visual arts and handicrafts to all people in the world proudly. So all Iranian artists and craftsmen exist to be the cause of pride, honor and exaltation of the great Iran.


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